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Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker help and info

  • Why does it highlight words that are correctly spelled?

    There are a variety of common mistakes that people make, and many of them revolve around the misuse of words. The Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker is simply pointing out some of the most common examples of word misuse, such as “wont” and “won't.”

  • Is it really free?

    The base program is free, but just like with Grammarly and White Smoke, the aim is to get you to buy the paid version of the software.

  • Which features does the free version lack?

    There are limits on how many words you can check at a time with the free version. Such limits do not exist on the paid version. The free version doesn't have a text reader, it doesn't have a sentence re-phraser, and it doesn't give you an analysis of your mistakes. Also, the paid version allows you to practice your writing based on your mistakes, and the free version doesn't have that feature.

  • Is it a free trial or a free piece of software?

    Once you download the Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker, you are able to use it for free for as long as you like. There is no need to give your credit card details, and you will not be locked out of the program after a few months. However, you will have to put up with their adverts that request you try their premium version.

  • Is the Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker the same as other spellcheckers that are powered by Ginger?

    The tool you are about to download is using its own checking software and its own database. When another spellchecker is powered by Ginger, then it is using Ginger’s database; it may also be using Ginger’s checking software, or it may be using its own.

  • Is this program the same as the online version?

    The downloadable version is slightly more advanced and efficient than the online version of the Ginger software. Otherwise, it is using the same database as the online versions of Ginger.

  • Is it better than Grammarly Or White Smoke?

    The Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker is better than Grammarly and is about the same as White Smoke. The reason why Grammarly is often picked over others by reviewers is because Grammarly offers very high affiliate rewards for online writers who promote it.

  • Why does it pick up fewer errors than Microsoft Word?

    The free version seems to miss some of the errors that the Microsoft Word (and LibreOffice) picks up. The paid version seems to pick up more errors than the free version, which is probably being sold as a selling point for the paid version.

  • Is this program the same as the Chrome web browser extension?

    This Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker was made by the same people who made the Ginger Chrome extension, but the extension is both easier to use and slightly less efficient than the checker that you download onto your computer and use.

  • Can I download the program and buy the premium service at a later date?

    You may buy the premium version, download and use it, or you may download and use the free version and then upgrade at a later date. After your subscription is over, your software will revert back to its less-advanced state.

  • Do I need the Internet to use the free and premium version on Ginger?

    You will need a frequent (albeit not constant) Internet connection to use the premium version, and you do not need an Internet connection to use the free version beyond when you first download and install it. You need the Internet to receive updates to the free version, but it works just fine without updates.